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Path to Purpose: A Journal to Plan Your Future

This journal will, with a bit of luck, help the searching among you find the path to purpose and fulfillment, and if you already have a chosen path, step into it further and deeper with greater confidence and a heart of renewed excitement.

This is a safe space. A place for contemplation, for curiosity. A place to ponder the past and plot a course for the future. 

This is a journal for the young, to help set you on the path of a lifetime of purpose and aid you in finding your soul’s true calling.

This journal is also for those who are not as young. It can be used to reconnect you with lost passions, and to serve as an aid if your path of purpose has proven itself elusive. The Path to Purpose journal can also be worked through together; a parent with a child, a student with a teacher, a youth with a mentor. 

Come to these pages with a heart full of honesty, introspection, and a good dose of courage and it will help you uncover sparkling gems in your own life.

Genuine. Enlightened. Moments.

About Find the Hidden Gem

Have you been looking for ways to inspire your children or the young people under your care? Do you want to help them find their life’s true calling and explore their passions so that they can embark upon the path to purpose?

You have found the place that you have been searching for!

The Hidden Gem offers you coaching, programs, resources, and tools to help young people uncover their true selves; bringing immense joy and a strong sense of purpose and self-worth that stay with them and guide them throughout their lives.

GEM stands for Genuine Enlightened Moments; moments that will have transformational benefits that will give both youths and adults strength and purpose that will last a lifetime.

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You have forever changed my mindset about teens. These sessions not only changed the way I do my job as a youth worker but also as a parent. With these tools, I feel confident that I can help teens find their way. Thank you.

Ruth, Youth Program Staff and Parent

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